Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Tony came round again yesterday. I was far too tired to be my usual sparkling self, but we managed to get some more work done on our idea for a new superhero campaign. This one's been simmering away now for a long time, and today we finally started putting some flesh on the bones of our existing concepts.

We didn't get a huge amount done. It was, however, more than enough for the pair of us to realise that the characters behind this new campaign we're working up are surely going to need investors, if not actual partners. This thing is bigger than both of them!

Another thing we got out of the way was a small tweak to Alane. Tony finally got his head around Alane's background a couple of weeks ago, writing up her background on the spot. It eventually struck me sometime Sunday night that an elf brought up from birth in Altdorf would have no common knowledge of her native culture. So Alane's CK: Elves became CK: the Empire.

I did also think about Alane not being able to speak Eltharin, but ruled against this idea. First off, Alane's knowledge of Eltharin had already been a crucial element of a key encounter during 'Through the Drakwald'. And anyway, an elf who is a stranger to her own kind is one thing, but an elf who can't even speak to her own kind? That's just plain dull.
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