Thursday, September 29, 2005


So no RD/KA! yesterday- the first I've missed in 47 days since hitting the blogshpere. And I've put up 55 articles that time. Ah well. But my much vaunted (well, by me at least!) unbroken upload record is now gone for a Burton. Och.

Anyhoo I had a busy day yesterday. Apart from just continuing to wind down after my big trip, I set to work reorganising the shelves above my painting and modelling station.The paintbrushes are calling out to me again y'see.

I last picked up a brush last May or thereabouts, burning out- as is my habit- after a frenzied burst sorting out and starting to work on some of the finnicky wee details that can plague the finishing of a space marine army. This time though I have a good feeling about making a stab at something I've wanted to achieve for years: the regular daily 1-2 hours at the painting table. That's how all the masters of the craft do it.

Still, I was pleased with getting the shelves done. My workspace is now more compact, which I hope will curtail my foolish habit of laying out huge trails of miniatures to work on simultaneously, so that none of them get finished before the burnout. Everything being better organised should help too. Fingers crossed I guess.

As well as all of that I also got the gaming shelves better organised. A good day's work all-in-all I thought. A pal came round later and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in front of the TV. One programme of note last night was The Story of One. Presented by the ex-Python Terry Jones, this was a "look at the history of numbers, revealing their importance to different civilisations, and why the Catholic Church attemtped to ban zero".

If you keep your eyes open around the BBC website you might get a chance to view this again over the web. Otherwise, just let me say that it was history-lite done just right: very informative; and with lots of laughs, including a simple CGI running gag that had me giggling like a mad thing for most of the programme. ;)
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