Monday, September 05, 2005


Another big day for JMcL63: RD/KA!'s first reader's letter!

Well I've finally received email comment from a reader on a previous article. This might or might not be a good thing. Eh? What I mean is that I'm not sure whether Antony's letter constitutes special pleading; a valuable different perspective on a shocking moment in my little Old World; or a step in a process of rehabilitation. Read on and decide for yourself.
...I thought I'd give Grundis' take on the fateful smiting a harmless librarian...

First of all the party entered the library and Siegfried, our oftentimes talented orator, blew his fellowship roll. From Grundi's edgy (and somewhat bloodlustful) perspective the guy was all together being a narky dick. No excuse for a hardened dwarven warrior to rain down fury of course, however, Grudi was clealy being a bit of a narky dick also. He reached boiling point when his attempt to impose the parties authority by saying something along the lines of "We're here on official business and have a warrant, so it would be appreciated if you cooperate," was met with a scornful response... Grundi pented up his rage...

...Momentarily after the blast Grundi blanched! Taking just a moment to heal his victim (success, one wound healed,) [a success Grundi rarely enjoys when using his heal skill on his fellow PC's btw, chortle. JMcL63] he fled the archive, "Siegfried! Siegfried!... I've done somethign really bad Seigfried... I've done something really, really bad,"

"Just... keep... walking... and... don't... turn... round"

Uh Oh!
A reasonable enough account of the events in question I have to say. What Antony has left out though is what it was that really narked the hapless Karl (the librarian) in the first place. Or, to put it another way: why Grundi felt it needful to impose the party's authority at all.

And why was this? Simple: this bedraggled bunch of adventurers destroyed what authority their warrant gave them by talking all over each other and making blatantly self-contradictory statements. It was when Karl pointed this out that IIRC, Grundi's nark moved from simmer to boil.

Still, that brief exchange between Grundi and Siegfreid was a neat touch in the heat of a genuinely shocking moment.

Thanks for your comments Antony. For any other readers who would like to make their own comments, I will be trying to put up an email link just asap. In the meantime, if you don't already have my email address, you can always get through to me here
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