Monday, April 09, 2007

Start the week @ RD/KA! : On the calendar

The Scottish Boardgames Association have confirmed the date of DiceConWest 2007- Sunday 17th June. As ever this year's event will feature the Official Scottish Settlers of Catan Championships and a Kniziathon.

What with the big turnout of C&C players at DiceConWest 2006, I'm thinking that it'd be nice to organise another C&C tournament. The main question would be: which of the 3 C&C systems to use? The availability of sets is a significant factor naturally enough.

Whatever, perhaps I'd better get my finger out and contact Ellis then, eh?

I first found out about this event last year @ DoW. I very much like the idea of an all-in games con, and it would be nice to see a decent one established here in Britain. The UK Games EXPO site has grown a lot in the months since I last looked at it, and there is a lot there to interest gamers (including a DoW-sponsored M44 tournament for yours truly!). I quite fancy attending this, although I would need to organise proper accomodation for a long weekend in Birmingham. These logistics aside, this is a tempting event. ;)
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