Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stop Press!- M44 Expanded Nationality rules available to download

The latest version of the M44 Expanded Nationality rules which Badger and I have been testing recently, and which I've been discussing on M44:DoW and M44:BGG are now available as a PDF download via the BGG. The rules have undergone some serious development since the last version I posted here at RD/KA! back in April.

The new v4 includes a codification of the Plan card rules as general rules applicable to more than one set of nationality rules; a complete revision of the form of the British Marksmanship rule; German and Russian rules making use of the Plan card mechanic (ie. we finally found a satisfactory form for the Saddle Orders rule); and U.S. Army rules which start to look right in our eyes.

Of all these, Badger and I are most happy with the British rules because they have stood the test of most playtest games (although my revised form of those rules might change that- fingers crossed I guess!). The German rules look pretty good to us too- although less tested than the British rules in their current form, they are the product of the development arising from all that testing. The U.S. Army and the Russian rules look good to us, but only testing will tell whether we actually like them in the end.

Finally: in my haste to upload the PDF to the BGG, I neglected to include acknowledgements to the general M:44 communities at DoW and BGG. So I'd here like to extend my thanks to all those who've supported my work on the Expanded Nationality project. I am grateful to you all. ;)
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