Monday, April 07, 2008

Start the week @ RD/KA!: Meanwhile... playing catchup

RD/KA! in review
Recent visitors to the RD/KA! homepage will perhaps be less surprised than readers who follow feeds, but I'm back at the keyboard after a 7-month bloglag, the longest since RD/KA! launched back in August 2005. Thanks to those of you who were prompted to contact me because of this long silence. I was gratified and encouraged as ever.

As you'd expect, the longer RD/KA! went untouched the more I shrank from returning to it, to the point where I was telling myself just to give it up. The wish to give the thing in passed along with the worst of my mood downswing (the trough bottomed-out December last), but I still had to endure months' of writer's block which could've left me just giving up on the darn thing if it'd been as simple a matter as just slinking off and leaving RD/KA! another dead blog long forgotten. But of course, I've got RD/KA! as my homepage. It appears every single time I open a new browser window. So I the darn thing won't just slink off and die. No, I've got to put it out of its misery good and proper. Which I just couldn''t face doing, naturally enough.

As the figures on the right show, on the face of it RD/KA! has had a chequered publishing history, with posts in the initial half-year equivalent to those in the 2 subsequent full-years combined. The 200+ total posts average some 6+ posts/month, a figure which, if maintained, would give both an active blog and a healthy schedule of deadlines which has a fair chance of continuing unchecked through moodswings (fingers crossed!). So here's hoping that 2008-09 sees my existing output organised through a proper schedule so that RD/KA! becomes more regular than ever before.
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