Thursday, September 18, 2008

August Bank Holiday Offensive #3. And punishment in Stalingrad

As I pondered the map for our 4th game, Badger was keeping up his own personal whinge, "Oh dear please, not the bocage."

Victory notwithstanding, I wasn't feeling the slightest bit charitable at 2-1 down, especially with all that had gone before. "OK," I thought, "You don't want to have to endure the confines of the bocage, eh?" And so I choose map#17 of Scenario 17 'Little Stalingrad' infamy, just to be a real bastard. The result was a colourful and apt finale, even if it did turn history upside-down just a bit.

The first game on this map saw Badger take his Soviet assault engineer company in against my German rifle company. In the face of Badger's aggressive setup, I spent most of the game precariously close to his best assault troops, and in danger of being pinned on, then forced off my baseline. Fortunately I'd made sure to set up pretty much all of my units out of sight of his, so that I forced him to move onto my guns. This told in the end, and Badger lost as his units got bogged down in minor firefights none of which were ever really likely to deliver him the break he so sorely needed.

In perfect fashion, the dice just swapped our sides, so that I was then able to take my own German Pionier company up against Badger's Soviets across the same terrain. Badger made the mistake of setting up some defenders on my right flank who were immediately open to attack by my flamethrower squads. This was all the worse for Badger because objective 5 down there was my secret objective chit, making it my primary objective in the game.

I didn't have everything entirely my own way- Badger showed yet again that he really knows how to mount a good ambush; but my win was comfortable enough.


I had saved the day, but only just! ;)

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