Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fresh blood!

I've been meeting a whole new social circle in recent months, many of whom turn out to like games, or are full scale geeks even. So yesterday I found myself hooked up with with Jack, who was at a loose end. Faced with a gamer at a loose end, I did the obvious thing, and invited him for grub and games. So we took a wander round our FLGS (I was looking for a game which neither of them had in stock), and we dropped in to our local GW, where we both looked a bit wistfully at the new 40k 'Assault on Black Reach' boxed set, which is the most amazing box of stuff GW have ever created as a starter set.

I cooked Sophie Grigson's brussels sprout and caramelised onion soup which I'd been planning for anyway, to use up some sprouts I'd had in the fridge for some weeks. It's only the 3rd time I can remember cooking soup (pauses for the already familiar gasps of horror at my shameful soup record), and it was certainly the most successful.

Afterwards I introduced Jack to Ivanhoe. Jack won the first token, then lost it when he had to withdraw with the maiden supporter down. He grew worried as he watched me take a 3-0 lead, but his worries began to vanish as he was able to seize the initiative and then to cruise comfortably in for a 5-3 victory.

We were only able to manage 1 game, but Jack liked Ivanhoe. I'm sure he'll be back for more. ;)

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