Sunday, July 05, 2009

I have the power!

As fB friends and tweetfellows will already know, my computer chair (AKA 'the Seat of Power' - not my idea, honest!) broke on Thursday evening.

Just as I'd sat down to write a new blog, I felt myself keeling over. I'd barely had time to register my expectation of falling to the floor when I was left sitting at an odd angle (the picture doesn't show the full extent unfortunately). That explained the peculiar and ominous creakings which'd been emanting from my chair for the past week, I realised. The breakage itself was startling: in a very convincing demonstration of the laws of metal fatigue, the base connecting the seat to the pillar upon which the seat rested had simply sheared, almost halfway through.

I tried working at the keyboard while perched on the chair, but the twist the pose put in my spine would so obviously've become rapidly unendurable that I gave it up immediately (I'm already seeing a physio to get advice about dealing with the accumulated consequences of 12 years' bad posture at my computer table).

Donald came to my rescue. On Friday we made a trip to a local mall, where I became the proud possessor of a snazzy new chair. I'm very pleased with it:
  • It gives much better back support than did the old chair.
  • Its arms fit under the desk upon which my keyboard sits, so that I have much better posture at the computer. This will be a boon in the months ahead.
Farewell oh Seat of Power MkI, you served me well. All hail the new improved Seat of Power MkII, may you live up to your forebear's legacy. ;)


matt said...

Geez...The only things missing on that chair are a russian hooker and a built-in loo

JMcL63 said...

Or a starship captain's control panel mebbe? ;)

Matt said...

between those 3 items..all things are possible