Sunday, May 23, 2010

My little Old World: Ashes of Middenheim

This is the index for the WFRP2 campaign I ran in 2005/06. The campaign featured:
I have left out a couple of inconsequential posts which have nothing to do with the actual story (these can be found via the 'my little old world' label). The campaign history is otherwise presented exactly as I wrote it, warts and all.

Prologue: Getting to Middenheim
- A Rash of Enthusiasm...: the colour of Magic!
- Blogging my WFRP campaign: introducing the party.
- My little Old World: at the gates of Middenheim.
- My little Old World: mission accomplished?
- My little Old World: clearing the cludge: the GM gloats.

Ashes of Middenheim
Grundi Smites Again
- #1 "You're in"
- #2 Bitter dregs of Ulric's Fury!
- On the perils of 'splitting the party'?: the GM reflects.

In the Sewers of Middenheim
- We strike a bum note: the GM laments.
- #1 Fury, fear, and flying fur
- #2 Reports, retorts, and last resorts

- Just another day in Middenheim: the party decide upon a fateful journey.

From Middenheim to Delberz
- #1 Distractions then departure
- #2 Fate's dark hand

From Delberz to Altdorf
- #1 Strangers in town
- #2 Turning the tables

From Altdorf to Corman's Landing
- #1 Curiouser and Curiouser
- #2 The Plot Thickens
- The GM's confession: again I lament.

The Shrine in the Forest
- #1 Dangerous dreams and buckets of blood
- #2 Undead, dead and living dread
- The GM's reflections

Chaos Without, Corruption Within
- #1 More by luck than judgement?
- #2 Mutants, madness, and more mysteries

The Poisoners' Trail
- #1 Advice and assistance from friends old and new
- #2 Where lurks evil in the hearts of men?

- My little Old World: Conspiracies and Consequences

Swimming with the Sharks
- #1 High poltics and mixed demeanours
- #2 Assaults in and on the Sword and Flail

Mounting Tensions and Precipitous Anticlimaxes
- My little Old World: words better forgotten?
- #1 Famous last words...
- #2 Back to the drawing board...

Terror Roams in Front, Treachery Stalks Behind
- #1 A long day hard on Liebnitz's heels
- #2 Long days hard on the party's nerves

The Madness of Father Ranulf
- #1 The madness...
- #2 ... Oh, the madness!
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