Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unutterably Fabulous!

"Burning up a sun just to say goodbye..."

So there we go, the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who, with the much anticipated- and somewhat dreaded- departure of Rose. And what an episode!- 45 minutes of rip-snortin', gut-wrenching, action-packed non-stop excitement, easily the best TV I've seen all year.

I mean, just how could you top the last series finale, with that awesome Dalek attack fleet swooping in from space only to be turned to dust by Rose in an attack of TARDIS-induced godhesshood? Well the Daleks versus the Cybermen for the first ever time just couldn't go wrong. Well four Daleks against 5 million Cybermen to be precise. And you know who my money was on? And the trash-talking between the 2 bands of would-be tinpot tyrants was just brilliant too: "This is not war, this is pest control." Sweet joy!

And then there was Rose's departure. Avoiding spoilers all I can say is that this was thrilling and heart-breaking at the same time. Everything that Rose has been throughout 2 series- in herself and to the Doctor- was taken and ramped up to the max with real panache. Fans of the series and of Billie Piper herself can take comfort in the quality of this final story featuring her definitive take on one of the classic SF heroine roles on the silver screen. It was worthy.

Meanwhile there might be some readers out there who haven't yet heard the news about the Doctor's new assistant, who was announced last Wednesday.

Actress Freema Agyeman has a hard act to follow, harder even perhaps than did David Tennant when he took over from Christopher Eccleston. All that I can say as early as this is that I think it was a good choice on the part of the series producers to pick such a contrasting look for the new companion. I wonder where Russell T. Davies will want to take the character?

Well that's Doctor Who for another year. Now we wait. ;)
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