Friday, July 07, 2006

Confessions of a Completist

Or: I bare my buyer's angst (Ooo-er...)

So, I headed off into town yesterday to visit Static Games, hoping there to find the newly released Pacific Theatre expansion for Memoir'44. My luck was in and I soon had a copy of this long-awaited product in my hands.

Clutching my prize I wandered around the store, as you do. Knowing that a new WFRP supplement is due I checked that section of the racks. No joy. Then I decided to see if there were any interesting 2nd hand 1st edition WFRP books in the nearby rack. What should I see but both volumes of the legendary Warhammer Realm of Chaos books, that is both Slaves to Darkness and The Lost and the Damned. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, I've actually only ever seen these books once before IIRC, and I certainly can't remember ever seeing them in a 2nd hand rack.

So you can imagine that I grabbed both books right away. I confess I swithered for a few minutes at the cash desk. Not about whether or not I was going to buy the books you understand. No, I was just wondering whether I should get Kenny (the owner of Static) to put one of the books aside for me until next week. But WTF I thought in the end- I was above such a cheap self deception, and I left with my prizes soon after.

Looking over the books I have to say that I wondered if I hadn't let my crazed completism run too far away with itself. Black Industries are planning a new WFRP Chaos supplement- Tome of Corruption- for release this year after all. But I soon found something of immediate use. Preparing for last Sunday's WFRP game I'd opened a thread on the Black Industries GM's forum asking for identification of 2 chaos runes that were to feature in the session. No one replied. So what should I find in The Lost and the Damned but a 2-page spread of Chaos runes. Problem solved!

A meagre return on such a significant investment perhaps, but I'm sure I'll find lots of other bits and pieces that I'll be able to use to enrich my WFRP game. And, of course, I'm 2 great big steps closer to being the compleat WFRP GM. Mwah hah, etc. ;)
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