Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prague snapshots

Well, still milking my Prague trip for all it's worth, my series of Prague snapshots continues with another couple of shots from behind the castle that dominates central Prague. Where I was staying was a short half hour's walk from the old centre of Prague, and the castle was directly on that route, so I was able to enjoy its attractions more than once. And what attractions they are!

Meanwhile, here are some more shots from just behind the castle.

This is another shot of the area pictured last time, so that the cathedral looms to your right in this shot. Once again this is a great view that could be shown to players to establish a scene in an rpg: who knows what might be lurking in those trees!

This shot was taken just outside the north gate taking you into the courtyard. There was a lot of building work going on here, but I managed to take a shot that cut out the scaffolding that is just to the left of this shot. Another great shot for establishing a scene in an rpg: this time a good place for an encounter with palace guards, or maybe for a secret assignation of some kind. Prague is just chock-full of this sort of stuff, believe me. And you haven't seen the last of it from me yet either, believe me!
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