Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Prague snapshots

Got my Prague pictures back the other day (yes, I was using a pre-digitial camera!). Most of the wedding pictures were spoiled because of a problem with the film that led to them being exposed to light when I tried to load a new film. But my first reel of tourist snapshots survived intact. So here is a small selection.

These 3 shots were all taken in the vicinity immediately behind the castle.

This is me with the cathedral beside the castle in the background. This part of Prague is every bit as impressive as you might imagine. The cathedral in particular looms most impressively!

Another shot of the cathedral. I saw this angle and just had to snap it. This would be a neat shot to show to PC's approaching a big city through the forest in an appropriate rpg. It certainly gives a great flavour for the gothic splendour of Prague.

A shot of the courtyard in which the above shots were taken. Another great example of Prague's olde worlde (and Old World, naturally enough) character: take away the car, and you could be walking into the yard of a frpg inn. Lovely.

That's it for now. More soon I hope. ;)
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