Thursday, October 13, 2005

Prague snapshots

Well I'm busy trying to get stuff ready for Sunday's WFRP, and I don't travel abroad that often, so I'm trying to get as much milage out of my Prague pictures as possible (call it compensation for losing most of my wedding pictures too if you like!). Here is another batch therefore, this from around where I was staying for my short trip.

Here is the street where I stayed. As you can see it is a leafy tree-lined avenue spoiled only by also being lined with cars parked on both sides of the street. I really lucked-in when I got this place, and I expect I'll be back just as soon as possible.

This is a shot of the neighbourhood- the main drag as far I was concerned. That's an open-air market on the right (well, it was actually in a line of small shacks), and the trams and metro were conveniently located just a few minutes' walk out of the back of this shot. Also, that's a nice bar at the street corner on the left there, where I a couple of drinks on my last night in town, with the young Scottish guy who had been so helpful in helping me find my way about.

And here is the place where I had my breakfasts (and where I made quite an impression on a blonde waitress, unless I am very much mistaken). It's a Mexican cafe-bar. What I hear you cry, go all the way to Prague and settle in a Mexican cafe-bar? Well, yes, but, well: it was very handy; the locals themselves did seem to like it; and, well, just look at that verandah- it was a lovely place to sit of a sunny morning I can tell you. I was surprised to see it being dismantled on my last morning, but figured that the date for this work had been set before the unexpected spell of warm weather that just happened to coincide with my visit for the wedding.

That's it for today. ;)
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