Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another gamers' weekend

So, Badger was round Saturday night for some gaming as noted. No prizes for guessing what we played. We got in 3 games and a nice curry supper. I took special care with the curries because I'd had a pepper catastrophe with the lamb and fennel stew I'd cooked the last time Badger was here. Long story short, it's embarassing when your guest calls out for a pizza delivery because he just can't eat what you've served up!

I've spent the week writing and rewriting my thoughts on those games we played, but I haven't been able to finish them yet. I don't expect to have more games of Combat Commander to report before those comments are completed. So I should be back to these games sometime soon.

Into the depths once more!
In the meantime, Andy and Tony turned up for a Sunday session. Andy was keen to play Descent again, keen enough to volunteer to play the Overlord, which was enough to win my agreement.

And so Tony and I ended up going into the 2nd dungeon with a sorceror and a bloodsucking undead warrior. We almost made it too, especially after we picked up a couple of magic items which turned my sorceror into a walking nuclear cannon: all of Andy's minions were instant toast unless I missed them outright (1/6 chance); while 2 hits would be enough for bosses, minor or major. Unfortunately, these mighty magic missiles notwithstanding, the crucial fact that we didn't pick up any magic weapons boosting Tony's melee attacks told against us over time.

By the way, I don't think that Tony and I really 'almost made it'. The last few turns were marked by our ever more desperate visits to town so as to avoid immediate defeat should one or other of us die. We'd've had a long way to go even if we'd've survived that moment, but the reality was that we were finding it increasingly difficult to fight our way out of Andy's endless spawns.

We're going to play again Sunday next, which means that the game has achieved one of its design goals, which is to get people to give it another try. ;)
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