Sunday, April 11, 2010

A singular honour

A belated Easter surprise
The names Paul D. Selman and iL-Logic should already be known to site-visiting readers who have the habit of checking out the various lists of links in the sidebar here at RD/KA!. Paul is a freelance artist with whom I've become friendly after we hooked up online because the guys at EMOTIONALLY FOURTEEN are his buddies, and iL-Logic is a new webcomic written by Adam Di Stefano- who blogs at 52 Short Stories, and with art by Paul.

I've enjoyed following Paul's blog since we hooked up last year. His artwork is always interesting; sometimes hits me right between the eyes; and has lately forced me to rethink my longstanding and largely blind prejudice against abstract art, something which had sometimes made me feel uncomfortable because of the philistine company I would often find myself keeping. I also enjoy reading iL-Logic, checking it out regularly in a way I stopped doing some time ago with all my other favourite webcomics simply because I found myself too busy to keep up with them.

So you can imagine, dear readers, that it was with some surprise that I read in an iL-Logic comments section last night that Paul had left me a couple of easter eggs hidden away in the strip. I hadn't noticed them, naturally enough, but rereading the strip from start to finish I was able eventually to track them down.
A draft version of the panel of wonderous delights

The picture above is a draft version of the panel in question. Taken from the post on Paul's blog where he discussed the creation of the strip, it shows the two easter eggs very clearly, and simultaneously highlights how little attention I've been paying to these 'behind the scenes at iL-Logic' posts Paul's been putting up lately... Erm, d'oh!

The finished panel from iL-Logic #12

Here is the panel as it was published for iL-Logic #12. As you can see, the dark background fill makes the key references difficult to notice, especially if you're not looking for them. That's my excuse at least, and I'm sticking with it.

I've been writing RD/KA! for the best part of five years now and apart from the sheer pleasure this has given me, there have been various landmark moments which have given me great satisfaction:
  • The first comment.
  • The loyalty of my readership.
  • My first follower: the google followers app doesn't let me rediscover who that was, but you know who you are.
  • This or that landmark post.
  • Launching RD/KA!@fB earlier this year.
Those were all great moments which I'll always cherish, but for me and RD/KA! to appear as easter eggs in a webcomic?- that's a whole new level of appreciation. To Paul and Adam I can only offer my heartfelt thanks for this singular honour. Cheers guys! ;)
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