Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Upon a distant shore...

It's been a long time since I posted here on RD/KA!. So long, in fact, that, as has happened before, the mere fact of the lengthy silence has become a topic in its own right. But this time the issue is more than just the vagaries of my mental health, as explained in previous posts (eg. here, here, and here); more than that, there has been a serious reorientation in my gaming priorities, as well as some reconsideration of the very purpose of this blog.

In the weeks' silence since last December it isn't too fanciful at all to say that the sight of the same ever-appearing RD/KA! front page was a veritable incubus (meaning #2, naturally enough!) for your would-be scrivener. A perpetual goad, this ever-unchanging web-presence would probably've amounted to little more than another landmark of unfinished business had it not been for, among other things, this most recent comment posted by some anonymous well-wisher only last week.

There has been a bare handful of comments posted to old posts in the weeks since that last celebration of Battlelore. But none of them gratified and encouraged me as much as that last one. Thank you, whoever you were. Your encouraging words, appended to that post of all posts, turn out to have amounted to the bottle's message which made the unexpected journey there and back again.

And as for the question asked by my anonymous benefactor? "[Am I] OK? Did the latest treatment help?" The answer I can give, with satisfaction but without much celebration is an emphatic, "Yes!".

The past months have dragged me as low as I have been since the days of the dancing scalpels. I have endured much pain when I thought I'd be enjoying better fortunes. I have tried a risky experiment in living without medication, which has proved to me that I really can't get by without some kind of mind-altering chemicals for the sake of mood stabilisation. I have only recently recovered to the degree that I begin to remember that just living is a boon in its own right, all circumstance notwithstanding.

The roleplaying has been a casualty of this unfortunately, with the Sunday WFRP group and Bill's Wednesday D&D campaign both having been dissolved. But boardgames have come to the rescue, as my recently updated BGG games played profile can testify.

Game on! ;)