Friday, February 10, 2006

Once more into the breach, etc.

So, it's back again after another long hiatus, and for the same old reason. It's funny how time passes when you're... erm, 'distracted'. I mean, it's been over 3 weeks since my last post, and it certainly doesn't feel like that long in retrospect. It strikes me that there is a paradox in there somewhere, about the way in which different experiences make the perception of the flow of time vary, but I really can't unravel it right now.

Meanwhile, a few friends have commented about the long bloglag, encouraging me to get moving again. It's gratifying to know that some people, however few they are, appreciate RK/KA! enough to actually miss it. Doing a blog is more like sending out messages in a bottle than any other form of writing to the internet I know of. This is OK when you're feeling fine, but when you're depressed you turn it into a stick with which to beat up on yourself so that you don't presume to forget your utter insignificance. So thanks guys.

That's it regarding my 'holiday', so without further ado, here's something else... ;)

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