Saturday, June 24, 2006

Curse you RPGpundit, curse you! (A fairy tale in 3 parts, #1)

Part 1. There came a questing knight
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time there was an aging gamer. Of all the constants in his life, gaming was one of the most important. From his childhood days onwards playing games had been the source of some of his most cherished memories and most enduring friendships. This hadn't changed even after the first sight of greying hairs and the onset of creaking bones, although now our aging gamer had the wonders of the internet- where he went by the name of JMcL63- to add to the pleasures that games had long provided.

Our aging gamer JMcL63 might've continued for many years in this vein- playing his favourite boardgames, running his roleplaying campaigns, and pottering about on the internet gaming community- were it not for a fateful missive sent him by an old friend. The letter contained a link to an article entitled The Generation of Swine is Alive and Well in Online Forums, written by one RPGpundit. Little did JMcL63 realise, as he chuckled over the RPGpundit's words, what a fateful moment this was. Little did JMcL63 realise, as RPGpundit's TheUruguayanGamer blog became a regular read, that this introduction to the gaming blogsphere would prove to have lasting consequences for our aging gamer.

For the RPGpundit was a man with a past and a man with a mission. Finding himself exiled from several corners of the gaming ecommunity the RPGpundit had decided to set up his own corner of cyberspace in which he could rant and rave to his heart's content without being subject to the stern hand of forum staff. That was the RPGpundit's past. To lay low rpg swine everywhere- that was his self-appointed mission.

JMcL63 could identify with the RPGpundit's desire for his own platform from which to give vent to his own opinions, albeit for different reasons than those of the RPGpundit. And our aging gamer shared the pundit's disdain for the pseudo-intellectual posturing of artsy roleplayers, the RPGpundit's 'swine'.

The first enduring consequence making the RPGpundit a regular read was not long in coming: a mere 12 days after first reading the pundit's vituperant words our aging gamer made his own entry into the blogsphere with his own "Roll dice and kick ass!". Little did JMcL63 realise what he was getting himself into when he posted his first words all those months ago.

Gone were the carefree days when our aging gamer could simply browse his favourite gaming forums, adding comments here and there when the fancy took him. Now he was faced with the burden of generating regular comment to keep his blog alive and kicking. Worse: it wasn't long before he was faced with the horrors of the same old front page appearing day after day when even just popping in to say hello to remind his readers that he was still alive; when even something that simple was too much effort.

So: in memory of those long gone simpler days; and for being the person singularly most responsible for this aging gamer's inviting the blogging monkey to take up residence on his back; I say, "Curse you RPGpundit, curse you!" ;)

- Part 2. A flawed champion...
- Part 3. ...But a champion nonetheless

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