Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Been busy lately down at the Geek

I've been a regular visitor to the BoardGameGeek for the sake of the C&C:A and CC:E forums for some time. Recently though I decided to fill out my BGG profiles. So I listed my collection, and have been keeping a full list of my games played.

Andy's reaction to this news was to proclaim the excess of my geek, but I was unabashed at this pot-blacking. I'm easily exactly geekish enough to get satisfaction from playing with an online database like this. I just wish I'd started sooner so that all the boardgames I played last year weren't missing from my records.

I've also put up my first Geeklist. Taking a tip from another list I read recently, I kept this one simple: it's just a list of the games we played over the weekend. Read it now while it's active!

Also, if you're interested in CC:E after yesterday's preview, you could do worse than pop along to the BGG: CC:E forum and ask around to find out more. ;)

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