Saturday, December 20, 2008

My 2009 gaming wishlist #1

The lads are coming round tomorrow for what'll probably be 2008's last Sunday session. And then Badger'll be here during the week for our regular wargamers' xmas, which'll probably be our last session this year too. So I'm going to take a look ahead at some of the games I'm keen to see hit the table in 2009. These are variously old favourites that're newly returned to my shelves, or sat too long there, or hot new games not yet played. First though, is a game I haven't quite got yet.

Combat Commander: Pacific
This, the latest long-awaited expansion to a game that will need no introduction is already shipping from GMT's warehouse, but I very much doubt it'll reach British distributors until the new year. So I'm just going to have to wait while all the Yanks get stuck into their pre-ordered copies over the festive season. Meanwhile, thanks to the web I've got a pretty good idea of what Combat Commander: Pacific is going to add to the game. I've already read the rules, which've been available for some months already. And I've seen samples of the counters and maps(ditto).

Take a look at these Japanese units for example. Just look at those guys willya? Every single Japanese unit has assault firepower, broken or not. This gives a standard close combat killstack of 21FP! (That's a Betsudotai squad@ 6FP; an elite team@ 3; and Capt. Akiyama, that 3FP, 3-command leader!) Then there's their morale on top of that: 8 or 9 for their units; and only 1 leader less than 9 (the scout). Add in leaders whose broken command rating is reduced by 1 instead of set to 0, and broken units with 2 or 3MP, and you might begin to see that the Japanese are going to play quite uniquely. I can't wait. ;)

My 2009 gaming wishlist:
- #2: Battlestar Galactica
- #3: Corps Command: Totensonntag

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