Monday, April 27, 2009

For the record

No sooner had I returned from sunny Anstruther in Fife than I got a call from Antony (a.k.a. the mighty Grundi), who was at a loose end. His visit concluded with an outing to the tournament field in Ivanhoe, which I suspect is Antony's favourite game.

Long story short: Antony had skillfully fought his way to 3-2 up. It was late and time was getting on, but I psyched him into another game, which I won, thus forcing the inevitable tiebreaker (Antony no more wanted to surrender the night's knightly honours than did I). I won that too.

Headstrong youth 3
Wily old dog 4

History of the World
Tony's absence gave us 5 the following Sunday. There was a great appetite for giving History of the World another try after Easter Sunday's first play. Andy was content to go along with this.

Notes were taken of the scores at the end of each epoch, but again the intervening week has cleared the interesting little details from my mind. What I can report is that the Romans did make their appearance this time- in Dave's hands, and they were truly mighty, especially with the addition of weaponry; that I held the lead until epoch 5, when it was stolen from me by Dave; and that my best efforts with the British empire in epoch 7 (and they were a lot better than last time too) weren't enough to prevent Dave sneaking past me in the last turn of the game to win by a mere 6VP (216 to my 210).

A man who needs no introduction
(Because he's not getting invited back)
The civilised world 0


Matt said...


"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Top choice Matt my man! I'm going to play that to my pals the next Sunday session. And my best wishes to you in your own blogging efforts. As the old saying goes: 'Publish and be damned!'.

It worked for me. ;)

Matt said...

I was gonna post the "Inquisition" song, but didn't know how that would be received...Thanks Jim, I am just getting started with it.

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

I don't think you should worry about how stuff like that would be received Matt. We like our humour very broad round my table (we're still doing fart jokes; and with beery gaming, there're plenty of opportunities, let me tell you!). And we'd be gentle if we had to let you know otherwise. ;)

Matt said...

Heres the inqusition song and dance: