Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bulletin from Belon

My recently revived interest in miniatures has led me back to my old haunt The Bolter and Chainsword. An enduring feature of the gaming ecommunity, the B&C is now what it always has been: the best online hangout for fans of 40K power armour; and a model of how to run an ecommunity.

The B&C has been through several upgrades, as befits its veteran status, and it is now a much more fully-featured community portal than the simple ezboard of 10 years ago. With more to come, the features already available include:
  • Image-hosting: members' albums can be seen in the Gallery.
  • Downloads: lots of stuff created by gamers for gamers.
  • Gothic power armour's own special subsector of the blogosphere.
Talk of the blogosphere brings us to the point, naturally enough: Bulletin from Belon is my new B&C community blog.

I've never used a community blog before, because I had no reason to divert content from RD/KA!. Chapter Astartes Penumbra's Talons though is frankly one of my proudest creations; returning to work on them then, I felt they deserved more than just the occasional post here. This all the more so because I had a title ready and waiting which'd rattled around in my brain for several years, a title which I knew I wanted to headline all my blogging about my lads. A B&C blog followed by a process of ineluctable logic.

And why Belon? Well, if you don't already know the answer, and you want to know, you know where to go... ;)

PS. Thanks to Ange for her help with hosting my shiny new link to Bulletin from Belon. :-D

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