Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A long time coming

Sorting out unfinished business
Still crazy after
all these years!
A few years ago I made a couple of passing references—one, writing about my Penumbra’s Talons; the other, writing about GW’s mighty Space Hulk 3rd edition—to a project which involved a nameless friend and a Space Hulk set. I am pleased, at long last, to be able to tell you that this friend- Matt Forbeck, who I met at Bill King’s wedding back in 2005, will soon be getting his hands on that set of Space Hulk 3 he’d almost, but not quite, forgotten about (who could forget Space Hulk 3?).

My first Truly Epic
RPG campaign
I can’t take much of the credit here- it’ll be a long time before I revive and renew my miniatures’ craft skills to the point where I can paint my own Space Hulk set let alone one for someone else. No; credit—for the fact that Matt and his kids will soon be enjoying playing Space Hulk with their own fully-painted set—starts with Andy, who gave me the recommendation which finally broke this years-old logjam. And who did Andy recommend when I spoke to him about contracting-out this paint-job? None other than Brian, who regular readers will remember as Siegfried- murderous lowlife with a heart, from my Ashes of Middenheim campaign back in the glory days of Green Ronin’s stewardship over WFRP2.

A new career for the old young Protagonist
It turns out that Brian has set himself up as a professional miniatures painter, working under the banner of Lead Legion Painting Service. His web page shows an impressive portfolio of commissions, which were more than enough quickly to convince me that Andy’s personal recommendation- “I’d use him myself if I wanted a professional painter,” was in no way exaggerated. I contacted Brian. And so the deal was done and Brian is on the job even as I type.

Looking good Brian!
Brian put up his first WiP shots- some Stealers and the stands for the doors, last Friday, and mighty fine they look. A niggling summer cold has knocked Brian a bit out of his stride and he’s evidently frustrated that he might not deliver the finished product according to his usual timetable. My instinctive reaction was to tell him not to worry, to just take his time, but I realised that time is money for the self-employed and that margins are especially tight for pro minis painters working in Brian’s niche. So I’ve decided just to trust to Brian’s experience; he is the pro after all. In the meantime, I’m very much looking forward to seeing more pictures from Brian, not to mention having the finished product in my hands.

More soon no doubt, dear readers. ;)

Brian has posted an update with new- and much better, pictures of all the Stealers. Check them out to see the colours really pop, so much in fact that you might think it’s a completely different paint-job! :D
Another update from Brian: the assault cannon Terminator this time. Those colours are really poppin' again! :)


gnome said...

Ah... painting miniatures. Haven't had the time to engage in this lovely activity ever since, uhm, 2006! :(

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

I've not done that much over the same time period myself; and nothing at all for the bulk of those years. I will return to the modelling and painting table sometime, but when is anybody's guess. And it's not as if I have the distractions you do, what with your bundling, and well, just living in Greece. :-&

Lead Legion said...

Thanks John. I'm still working on the actual terminators themselves, but I'll put up some more shots of the actual Genestealers later tonight. Once I've finished the Terminators, the plan is to sit back down and paint all the bases at the same time.

BTW: I really miss that old WFRP 2nd ed campaign. Seigfried (murdering scum-bag that he is) will always remain one of my favorite PC's.