Saturday, April 29, 2006

My little Old World

Here I've been then preparing to restart the campaign after a long layoff. Unanticipated as it was, this left a penultimate episode hanging. It would be pretty dumb just to carry on from there after my players have had such a long time waiting- all my build-up has just fizzled out long ago. So I've been hard at work fleshing out the plot to set up a more gripping finale.

Fleshing out an rpg plot comes down in the end to your NPC's: they are what will make your rpg plots unique and interesting. I mean to say, it has often been said that there are only 6 plots (some ubiquitous literary saying for which I have no immediate source to hand). However someone might want to take that statement, what power it does have is all the more forceful when it comes to plotting a roleplaying game: whatever fiendish convolutions you as GM might have in mind, your essential plot will be a tried and tested oldie.

So I'm not sweating plot.

I'm not sweating NPC's much either really. Most of the detailed NPC's I have in play at the moment are lifted from the Ashes of Middenheim book. Where I have had to create my own NPC's I have used this handy WFRP character generator from A 6-career WFRP NPC a few mouseclicks away? Great stuff! An indispensable aid to the WFRP GM. One to add to your bookmarks if it's not already there. ;)

Mounting Tensions and Precipitous Anticlimaxes
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gnome said...

Not quite -only a bit- relevant on the topic, but I'm really thinking about having a look at the new WH RPG... What do you think about it?

Cheers, gnome

Anonymous said...

Only 6 different plots?

I remember some geezer wrote a whole trilogy based on some wee guys wandering through the wilderness and encountering various obstacles.

In the end they just chucked something away into a volcano and went home.