Monday, April 09, 2007

Start the week @ RD/KA! : On the calendar

The Scottish Boardgames Association have confirmed the date of DiceConWest 2007- Sunday 17th June. As ever this year's event will feature the Official Scottish Settlers of Catan Championships and a Kniziathon.

What with the big turnout of C&C players at DiceConWest 2006, I'm thinking that it'd be nice to organise another C&C tournament. The main question would be: which of the 3 C&C systems to use? The availability of sets is a significant factor naturally enough.

Whatever, perhaps I'd better get my finger out and contact Ellis then, eh?

I first found out about this event last year @ DoW. I very much like the idea of an all-in games con, and it would be nice to see a decent one established here in Britain. The UK Games EXPO site has grown a lot in the months since I last looked at it, and there is a lot there to interest gamers (including a DoW-sponsored M44 tournament for yours truly!). I quite fancy attending this, although I would need to organise proper accomodation for a long weekend in Birmingham. These logistics aside, this is a tempting event. ;)


gnome said...

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Andrew Paul said...

It's definitely spam. check out where those links go. John, ditch that comment, and block the poster (for what it's worth). Does blogger have some sort of anti-spam complaint system?

gnome said...

Not really, no. Unless you can consider the option to have word verification in comments.

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Yes, it was definitely spam: I'd left the comment verification off for a while as a test. So that's that then.

gnome said...

Ah, lovely. Tea?