Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just filler... No, really!

My network of Kremlin-directed infiltration cells intended to exploit the immediate postwar instablity at the heart of Europe is not yet fully in place- curse those petit-bourgeois prevaricators! (AKA. I haven't worked out my TS@VASSAL setup.) Meanwhile let me share a real life culinary 'adventure'.

Food, glorious food!
For all its run down and impoverished realities, Glasgow remains the truly cosmopolitan city it was in the heyday of its imperial splendour (although why tourists visit it in such numbers still perplexes me I have to confess). A food lover living in the West End, I'm particularly fortunate: the cuisine of the world is pretty much on my doorstep; between delis and ethnic grocers, there is a frankly bewildering variety of exotic foodstuffs to intrigue the eye and tantalise the palate.

(Yes, a pic
of the actual gourd, not some random internet trawl)

And so it was at the weekend my routine shopping trip took me, a bit down in the dumps, to my local Asian grocer. My list-shopping complete, I found myself looking at all the unknown vegetables which I'd passed by so often before. Not to labour the point, I ended up buying something whose various names I either couldn't pronounce, or promptly forgot. Thank goodness then for the web, upon which I'd planned to rely in the first place!

Web, glorious web!
The mysterious comestible turned out to be a bottle gourd or calabash (Latin, Lageneria siceraria). Pinning down the identity of my mysterious vegetable I was particularly pleased to read of its "delicate nutty flavor", that being what I like most about one of my favourite pulses- chick peas. Some searching later I found a simple recipie which I plan on cooking tonight: Bottle Gourd Curry with Moong Dal & Yogurt.

(Perhaps, this is from the web!)

Finally, before I go I just must pass on a tip: if you live near a Lidl store then look out for their 1L tubs of greek yoghurt, especially if you like Indian cooking. Rich, creamy and delicious, this stuff is great for cooking because it doesn't separate into truly ugly maggotlike solids and dirty water when you add it to a hot oily pan; and it keeps for weeks on end, even after opening. The best natural yoghurt ever! ;)


P.D.S. said...

Also, if you're going on a dungeon crawl, a hollowed out gourd makes a great improvised water bottle!

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hello P.D.S. and welcome to RD/KA!.

You could write a new rpg geeklist: 'The Adventurers' 101 Uses for Fruits and Vegetables', AKA. "A pineapple? Where?" ;)