Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Kick Ass!" 5th birthday blogparty
#2. Draw the first

Four, weekly prize draws
The RD/KA! 5th anniversary bumper prize-draw bonanza will consist of four, weekly draws. This week's draw runs until midnight (BST) on Sunday 22nd August. The draws are all open to all of my readers (yes, that includes friends and family).

Draw the first's prizes
There are 5 prizes up for grabs this week.

A Bill King novel.
Choose any one.

'Shrek's Dragon' by Sioux Jackson
Sioux's Art.

Battlelore Dragons from Static Games
Static Games.

Two Osprey books
Osprey Publishing.
Choose any two for one prize.

One $60 voucher from CSN Promotions
Canadian and US entrants only remember.

How to enter
To enter, just comment to this thread. Please include your prize preference(s) because I will be drawing a winner for each prize, so you will not be eligible for any prize you don't list as a preference. And yes, you may list all 5 prizes if you wish. I will announce the winners on Monday 23rd August. ;)

"Kick Ass!" 5th birthday blogparty
- #1. Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
- #3. First prize draw winners!


Alan said...

Hey John,
sorry we could'nt hook up for coffee last nite, next time??

Oh, I like the WW2 Osprey books by the way (but I guess you already knew that huh?!:.)

gnome said...

Ah, John, you are indeed spoiling us. I guess I'm more interested in the artwork...


ElfSpeaker said...

Hi John,

I'm interested in a William King book.

Stephen Howe said...

Hi John,
Got round to reading your Blog a couple of weeks ago. This has inspireed me to leave a comment.
Mercenary, PossibblyP)
I hadn't thought about all the extra work that goes into Blogging, though tempted myself, anyways interstd in the osprey books, and the Battlelore supplement, as i am looking to delve into the world of Board Games,

Jason Hubbard said...

Hi John

Nice Blog you've got here.


Sean "Nix" McConkey said...


I think I posted to the wrong blog.. so.. please forgive me if I post it here as well (my apologies)

wow.. I am ashamed to say I only recently heard of your blog..
it will, however, be one of those that I track from now on

as to prizes that are cool and would be neat to own..
#12 (green and black q-workshop dice)

#14 Battlelore

#15 Great War of Magellan


#23 voucher

I look forward to the next 5 years


Anonymous said...

can i have whatever people wont be suspicious about me winning?

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

@ Uncle_Cthulu
Welcome to RD/KA! and thanks for joining in. And I wouldn't worry about being mercenary; after all: who'd'you think it is who's been and gone and rustled up all these prizes just to attract attention to the 5th anniversary of his blog? That's hardly disinterested high-handedness wouldn't you agree?

Meanwhile, might I please ask you to put the 2 prizes you mention in order of preference, just in case that proves helpful. Thanks again for joining in.
John ;)

Alex said...

Hey John,

Found my way here from Matt Forbeck's blog. Thanks for hosting this prize drawing. I'd be very interested in the Battlelore expansion.


"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

@ Jason
Hello there Jason. Welcome to RD/KA! and thanks for your kind words. They are especially valued coming from one of the founding Sheffield Irregulars.

In case my readers don't know, the Sheffield Irregulars are a minis painting group which started on fB just over a year ago and has already staged at least 2 events and published 5 issues of its own free to download quarterly hobby magazine Irregular. Irregular is good. It kicks the print-media competition in the hobby magazine business into the can in my opinion.

Meanwhile Jason, you interested in any of this week's prizes? ;)

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hi there, and welcome to RD/KA! nix26gonzo. Thanks for coming along to join in my 5th anniversary celebrations. I'm pleased to hear you'll be sticking around for the ride.

"I think I posted to the wrong blog.. so.. please forgive me if I post it here as well (my apologies)"

That sounds intriguing. Care to explain?

Meanwhile, only the Battlelore Dragons and the $60 voucher are up for grabs in this week's draw (you'll get to go for those other prizes in later draws). Would you please care to put them in order of preference? Thanks.

Good luck in the draw! ;)

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hello there and welcome to RD/KA!. I'm pleased you've come to join our celebration of the 5th anniversary of my blog. The Battlelore Dragons prize is looking popular. Perhaps you'd care to list a 2nd preference? And don't forget, there'll be 3 more weekly draws before the bumper bonanza is over. ;)

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Badger here will need no introduction to my regular readers; for everyone else: Badger's been my stalwart WW2 tactical opponent for longer than I've been writing RD/KA!. His concerns- that the cry of "Fix!" might go up should he enter and win any prizes, are unwarranted I'm sure.

As I said on this very post the "draws are all open to all of my readers (yes, that includes friends and family)". In any event, the best way to ensure that I'm not sneaking prizes to my friends is to enter in as large a number as possible. ;)

Ted Ogmundson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ted Ogmundson said...


That signed copy of Ghosts of Ascalon that Matt Forbeck mentioned would be nicer than a bucket of Drake Kebobs.

Thanks for the consideration!


"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hi there Ted. Welcome to RD/KA! and thank you too for coming to join in. I'm afraid that just like nix26gonzo, you've jumped the gun a bit: Matt and Jeff's Ghosts of Ascolon isn't in this week's draw. Be reassured that you won't have to wait too long to get your chance.

Meanwhile, are there any prizes you're interested in from this week's selection of 5? Don't worry, entry to all draws is open to all my readers: previous winners as well as friends and family. ;)

Patrick Ward said...

Hey there John,

Count me in! I might be keen on those Osprey books.



Stephen Howe said...

Hi there
In order of preferance, mark me up for the Battlelore stuff and then the Osprey books (Pacific and med) ones.
Uncle Cthulu

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hi there Patrick and welcome aboard here at RD/KA!. Those Osprey books sure seem popular! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Happy Birthday to RD/KA

You are incredibly generous with your prizes!

Can I put in a request for Sioux's Art? BTW I am proud of you. !!

Ros x

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Thanks Ros. I'm delighted you could join us for the anniversary, although I have to note that it's my supporters who have been generous with the prizes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Loks like that Conflict of Heroes expansion on Poland is like Paddington waiting for a good home to look after him and love him. Have been following and enjoying your blog since we so nearly crossed swords at the Combat Commander Expo in Brum (your modest tournie champ - James F.).

pete sloan said...

hi john
ive finally got internet again
and i cant believe its 5 years
youve been blogging

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hi there James and thanks for coming to join the RD/KA! 5th anniversary blogparty. To my readers: yes it's true, James is the current CC@UK Expo champion, as some of you might already know.

And as for that Price of Honour expansion to Conflict of Heroes James? Well you're just going to have to keep your eye on future draws I guess. ;)

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

I've been wondering where you'd gone to in recent weeks. Glad to know it was just minor technical problems. And yes, I had no notion of what 5 years online would mean when I started RD/KA!. Then I remember all the work I've put into it and I start to feel like I've been around a long time. Don't forget to try for some prizes in the upcoming draws. ;)