Monday, August 23, 2010

"Kick Ass!" 5th birthday blogparty
#3. First prize draw winners!

Who are this week's lucky readers?
The entries for last week's draw have been counted and the draw has been made, using my shiny Conpulsion 2010 random number generator. I am pleased to announce the winners in the first RD/KA! 5th anniversary bumper prize draw bonanza. My congratulations to all the lucky winners; my commiserations to everyone else. Don't give up yet though: there are still three more draws to go and you can all (previous winners included remember) enter those too.

A Bill King Gotrek and Felix omnibus
I am delighted to be able to announce that, fresh from the trials and tribulations of flitting, Bill has been able to unearth 2 English-language copies of Gotrek and Felix: the First Omnibus which he has generously donated to the spoil heap. One of these will go to Chazz Kellner. The remaining copy will be added to a subsequent draw.

'Shrek's Dragon' by Sioux Jackson
Sioux's Art.
Sioux's lovely pen and ink drawing goes to the gnome, of the most excellent indie/retro computer gaming blog Gnome's Lair.

Battlelore Dragons from Static Games
Static Games.
The Battlelore Dragons boxed set goes to Uncle_Cthulu.

Two Osprey books
Osprey Publishing.
Thanks to Bill's last minute addition of the Gotrek and Felix books, I've decided to give away all the Osprey books this week. They're going to two winners: Alan- who wins two books of his choice; and Patrick- who wins the remaining book.

One $60 voucher from CSN Promotions
The $60 voucher from the lighting department at CSN Promotions goes to nix26gonzo.

How to claim your prizes

Please email me via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the sidebar on the right, and please use '1st draw prize claim' in the subject line. For nix26gonzo that's all you need to do- I'll forward you instructions on how to use your $60 voucher; everyone else please remind me which prizes you're claiming and don't forget to include your mailing address so that I can send out your prizes.

Your next chance to win
I'll be posting the second selection of prizes in the RD/KA! bumper prize-draw bonanza tomorrow. You have till then to check out the spoil heap and wonder if your favourite will be coming up for grabs this week. ;)

"Kick Ass!" 5th birthday blogparty
- #1. Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
- #2. Draw the first
- #4. The final countdown


Alan said...

Hi John,

WOW, awesome, I actually won something, cheers

if I could have the following Osprey books I would be very happy, once again, thankyou kind Sir




warhammer imperial guard said...

Wow.. This is great! I can say that this is the first time I visited the site and i found out that most of the blogs here are interesting to read. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I definitely visit here more often.

plumbing said...

Wow, congratulations to the winners. They will surely enjoy the blogparty.