Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to reality- but first...

So it's back home, and Glasgow's Glasgow, which is OK, except that it's not Prague. At least I can do more than say 'Please', 'Thank-you', and ask for the bill.

The trip was just great, as regular readers will already know. I'm already thinking about future trips. I'd just like to extend my thanks to the bride and groom for letting me join in their special celebrations. I was delighted and proud to be there. All the best to you both, now as ever.

And to everyone else I met:- family and friends of the bride and groom both: it was a real pleasure meeting you all. Your generous company made this barely seasoned and somewhat nervous traveller happy and comfortable amid the beauties of the fair city of Prague. No names no pack drill, but my thanks to you all.

Some special mentions are here required.
1. To 'The Boss', for letting me keep my Squeaky Rubber Hammer of Doom.
2. To the Cheesehead, for putting up with my ASL geekery, and for the book: it stood me in good stead on the journey home- thanks man!
3. And to a certain young Scotsman unexpectedly lumbered with me as a flatmate over a long weekend in Prague:- thanks for services above and beyond; I very much doubt I could've survived the whole experience without your generous assistance. Good luck to you in everything!

So, if any of you should find yourselves reading this: thanks again one and all. ;)

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