Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well, my very dear friend Ros has been helping me organise an imminent very important trip abroad of late. So it was that we found ourselves yesterday at a loose end. So I dug out my copy of Cyberpunk 2020 to run her through the basics of character generation. What I was really trying to do was to show her how the game's lifepath rules generated PC's who would grace any soap opera.

Ros ended up with a very creditable nomad: Spanish, wears cammos, spike-heeled boots and shaves her head, etc, etc. By the time we'd run through the process (I was doing one too, to show her how things worked), Ros had a character that hung together nicely, and which she wanted to play. I just love it when a sequence of random selections come together!

Now I've just got to go and create a scenario for a game I've only played once, as a PC, and that over a decade ago IIRC. Oh dear, poor me... Fortunately, my own chargen gave me a media who should make an ideal NPC.

We played some Flux after that. Ros was delighted to beat me 2-1. She's beat me before, but never over a series. Her wins included one particularly evil one: with 5 keepers down, she played the 'Exchange Hands' action, to receive a 3-card hand containing 2 goals that I myself had been keen not to play because they each gave her an immediate win.

So I did the 'decent' thing, and gave her the win with the goal ('Brain, no TV') I picked up as my own draw next turn. Well, I had to get a crumb of comfort somehow or other, didn't I? Mwah hah ha, etc. ;)

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