Saturday, September 24, 2005

Onwards, to bigger and better treasure

Got a lot to do today, so not much time for anything lengthy. I think I´ll just go geek on the fair city of Prague.

First though, I just have to say that Prague is surely one of the jewels in the crown of European culture. It is balmy and beautiful. Here I am in late September, enjoying weather of the sort I would associate with the height of an unfortunately all-too-rare Scottish summer: t-shirt weather in other words. The sky is blue, the leaves are green and turning brown and golden, and the women are to die for. Prague is also friendlier and less expensive than Paris for sure. More beautiful too I´ll warrant- certainly for fans of the Gothic. And it is certainly far, far more romantic than the hitherto crowned capital of the European romantic getaway. The view of central Prague across the Vltava just has to be seen to be believed, to fall into tried and tested phraseology.

Geekwise: well, if you´re a fan of the Warhammer Old World, then Prague is the city for you. In the centre of Prague you are quite literally surrounded by an Old World city, and there is more within an easy day´s outing away (eg. the original for the city of Middenheim, so I´m told). This is my second visit, and in the 2 weeks or so all told that I´ve spent in the city I´ve barely had time to scratch the surface of these delights. You could also run a Gotrek and Felix tour of the city, pointing out to fans of this heroic duo actual locations used by author Bill King in books like Skavenslayer.

All-in-all a cornucopia of delights for gaming geeks with over-active imaginations. Just don´t forget your romantic companion, is all. Got to go. More tomorrow I hope.

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