Saturday, July 14, 2007


Not got time for a full entry, so just a quick update.

Got game!
Ros and I continued our Carcassonne contest last night. Ros won 2-1 on the night, sneaking her session-winning victory in the last few plays.

Carcassonne matches

Blades: Too Many Katanas #1
Katana and Wychblayde got up to their antics again last Wednesday. The scenario involved confronting a bunch of Katana clones in the service of Katana's evil former masters. It can only get weirder.

More soon. ;)


Tony said...

Of course, what John forgot to mention was that WychBlayde ko-ed not one, but two of the Katana clones...

Long Live "BLADES"!

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Actually, what Tony is failing to mention is that Wychblade hit 2 of the Katana-clones, but that it was Katana himself who delivered the knockout blows. I'm sure that Tony would've been much happier if I'd just left Wychblade to tangle with 3 of me all by herself... :p

John ;)