Thursday, July 26, 2007


Here are some quick updates on items from recent posts.

DiceConWest 2007 tournament winners announced
I noted in my report on this year's DiceConWest that I couldn't remember the names of the tournament winners, and that I'd update you all when I could. Ellis Simpson is now back from his travels, and has updated the DiceCon website. Look here for the results of the Settlers tournament, and here for the results of the Kniziathon. Well done to all concerned!

Memoir'44 scenario correction
In my report on Badger's and my last M44 session, I commented on our discussion of apparent balance problems with Scenario 40: Breakout at Klin. I followed up our own discussion with a thread over at M44:DoW, where a useful discussion was concluded when designer Richard Borg posted a correction to the victory conditions which Badger and I had found so troubling. Sometimes internet bulletin boards generate 'discussions' which drive me to distraction, and sometimes this wonderful means of communication really proves its worth. Result!

That's all for now. ;)

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