Sunday, August 14, 2005

Interaction action #4: Schmooze and small adventures

Wednesday evening saw me at a Glasgow SF Writers' Circle pre-con party, which began with a reading in Borders to launch the Nova Scotia anthology of new Scottish speculative fiction. Editors Neil Williamson and Andrew J. Wilson were on hand for a well-deserved small celebration of a nice book and a warm glow of satisfaction.

Contributors Marion Arnott, Gus McAllister, Phil Raines and Mike Cobley read extracts from their stories. Mike's 'The Intrigue of the Battered Box' enjoyed popular acclaim for his spirited performance of the characters' voices, a real treat. A veritable throng of fans intent on autographs did indeed press upon the impressive collection of local talent waiting in line.

I had by this time found and introduced myself to Ken MacLeod which led to a couple of genial pints in a nearby smokers' pub. Three strong continental lagers later I rejoined the Glasgow Circle party in the Counting House across the square, caught up with the usual suspects, and got wired-in to hitting my first Worldcon registration with a tidy hangover.

Thursday morning, the Glasgow writers hit Interaction running after this limber-up, with Gary Gibson doing readings from Against Gravity- new; and Angel Stations- mass-market release. The pace was maintained that same day with an official Pan McMillan release party (Borders again) featuring Hal Duncan's Vellum launched in a lovely hardback edition on an unsuspecting public, and some not so unwary old mates who kept Hal buzzing with a celebrity guestspot autographing his prize. The sweet smell of success washed down with light drinks must've turned my head, because I spent Friday night paying silly swank prices for beer just because it felt cool to be hanging out in the Hilton. Just a pity I can't do a Sean Connery accent.

Amid the ever more numerous ever more familiar faces were all the people I bumped into and those strangers I hung out with around the concourse and in the Hilton on a boozehound's Friday night. To all these friends and acquaintances, old and new, I had fun hanging out. The social whirl and meeting more of my kind of geek are what I go to SF cons to enjoy, though I must say that I paid a hefty cash price for the experience, and I sold shares of my consumerist soul to the GW money-suckers years ago!

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