Monday, August 29, 2005

My little Old World: The PC's

Here is the party that has stuck together since the Strutting Cock.

1. Tony
Alane: elven witch born under the Witchling Star and with the unusual background of having been brought up in Altdorf by a human wizard who couldn't save the mother from her horrible fate. A bit nutso with the winds of magic already. A 1 FP PC.

2. Andy
Bertholdt: puny mincing scribe from yokel-land with an untranslated dwarven chapbook and a taste for not suffering from old injuries so much of the time. Gotten close to too many FP for comfort.

3. Donald
Mordrin: dwarven runerunner with a shady family, a taste for the pipe, and a much cooler temperament than he first gave reason to expect.

4. Antony
Grundi: aging coachman whose life changed forever the day he first smote with Ulric's Fury and clove a mutant near in two. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Also owns a blunderbuss. Another 1 FP PC.

5. Brian
Siegfried: murdering lowlife trash with pretentions to the petty nobility. Has a heart of gold though, big girl's blouse that he is. The 'Greased Goat'. Lost the first FP.

Some of the highpoints of the previous games include:
1. That "party of adventurers?!" spending the first Geheimnisnacht since the Storm of Chaos passed camped out in the wild near Sylvania, surrounded by outlaws, greenskins, wolfs, and who knows what else?
2. Bertholdt missing his birthday during a troubled night of bloody multiple murder at the Leaping Frog.
3. The magic system.
4. Fortune points.

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