Saturday, August 27, 2005

A sensible decision

I've taken to hanging out on the BI forums since I started GM'ing WFRP, and by and large I've found it to be an enjoyable and helpful place. It's been hell getting into them for a couple of weeks though, with server timeouts stopping access perhaps as much as 50% of time. Not good.

So, it is with some satisfaction that I tried to visit the forums yesterday only to find the following message:

Due to the problems our forum has been experiencing of late, caused by sheer level of traffic, we are temporarily disabling it.

We will be investigating either fixing the system or installing a newer more reliable system.

Please accept our apologies for the break in service and we thankyou for your patience.

The Black Industries Team

Good choice lads. Far better IMO to irk us for a wee while as we wait for a more servicable forum, than irritate us constantly with a forum we can't get to regularly. And given the great success of WFRP2, this is a problem we would all have 'hoped' would get worse. Just in case anyone associated with the decision-making process at play here might be reading this (if only, eh?!), I would recommend 2 formats both of which I have found to be ideal for games-related efora:

1. Invision Power Board
- as used by the Bolter and Chainsword.

2. vBulletin
- as used by HERO.

If someone at BI to whom this information might be useful is reading this, then you probably don't need me to tell you this anyway! Just thought I'd put it up anyhoo, because those are my favourite bulletin board formats at the moment in any case.

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