Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My little Old World: Grundi Smites Again #1

"You're in"
Greimold feared his last moment was upon him when his door burst open amid a clamour of Khazalid curses. The attack he dreaded did not come.

These... adventurers?! Running around with a warrant from Schutzman deputising them to the Middenheim City Watch, to pursue an 'investigation' into Morten's murder? What could the man be thinking of?

By the time Greimold had let them shout themselves down and tell their story, the priest wished the dreaded attack had come after all. Motley and battleworn- well... freaks, frankly- they might've been, but proof of their words was all too horrifyingly easy to come by. The least he could do was make them comfortable while he arranged to accompany them when they reported to Schutzmann soon thereafter.

And so it was that the party returned to make their first report to Captain Ulrich Schutzmann, Midden Marshal of the Middenguard City Watch conveyed by Gunter Greimold, Anointed Priest of Sigmar at the Temple of Middenheim, in the #1 spangly coach-and-pair newly at his personal disposal. Intent on the case's prospect of righteous carnage as they were, I think the PC's barely noticed how much they'd just come up in the world.

Bertholdt certainly felt a lot better in the hands of a competent healer with magic to boot that's for sure.

Schutzmann was inevitably busy when the lowly PC's arrived to report, so they waited with Greimold. Some interaction ensued. They were joined by a famililar face from the Untergard refugee party, one Otwin Beshlager (AoM, p.93) whose backstory slotted him in perfectly. Recovered from his wounds, he'd volunteered for the militia, ended up filling the vacancy for Sergeant of the Watch in Schutzmann's command. Plainly barmy, not much of a conversationalist in the continuing wait IIRC.

Eventually Schutzmann arrives, and the PC's are questioned. Lots of talking in and out of character. Schutzmann testifies with battle scars picked up fighting Skaven during Archeon's siege and even Siegfried- the last holdout- has to agree: Skaven do exist, and they surely murdered Father Morten.

The scent of blood fills PC's nostrils again: they naturally want to hunt these vermin down and kill them. Schutzmann and Greimold are gratified. But first, they insist, the PC's must swear a holy oath not to reveal the horrors they witness, nor to spread loose talk to panic the unwary in this time of ranters, madmen and miracle-hunters. The PC's agree. Alane, Bertholdt, Mordrin and Siegfried all swear an appropriate vow. Grundi just effs and blinds about how much he wants to kill the feckin' Skaven.

Hmm, thinks Schutzmann, a slayer in the making? That's fine he announces. You're in.

Grundi Smites Again
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