Saturday, July 01, 2006


Let joy be unconfined!

So I popped into Static- my FLGS- the other day on a hunt that has been sadly futile for many weeks now. What should I spy immediately on entry but exactly the product I have been seeking since reading of its release. Yes, there it was- the shiny green cover of Green Ronin's new True20 Adventure Roleplaying.

Still reeling from delight I was shortly thereafter utterly amazed also to behold both the Eastern Front and the Winter/Desert Board Map expansions for my much loved Memoir'44. Utterly amazed? Yes, because the official European distribution date for the reprinted original expansions for M44- of which I only managed to pick up the Terrain Pack the first time round- was July 1st. So this was an pleasant surprise.

Wandering briefly around Static thereafter I was like a kid who'd just got exactly what he'd wanted for Christmas, keeping his goodies clutched to his chest in case someone decided to snatch them away.

These are the most long-awaited gaming products for me since Mutants and Masterminds 2e. So expect to hear more about them sometime soon. I would've posted this news sooner, but I wanted to get the WFRP campaign posts up so that Andy and Brian would've had plenty of time to have read them before tomorrow's game. Priorities, priorities, eh? ;)

The gnome does it again
Gnome's been hard at work burrowing about and has turned up another choice link. This time it's to a pdf of White Dwarf #1. I may well be old enough to be able to remember buying copies of White Dwarf with the issue number less than my age, but even I didn't get White Dwarf #1.

Here's the link.

Take a look and enter a world that's utterly strange and strangely familiar, at the same time.


gnome said...

Ahh... you 're so kind :)

Anonymous said...

Cool link gnome. Well spotted.