Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The Black Library
- long-awaited Gotrek and Felix omnibus recently in!
William King's "...flagship fantasy series is collected together in a stunning new omnibus edition. This compilation collects the first three Gotrek and Felix novels in one softback volume."
Classic Old World adventure has never been better value! Ideal for holidays and gifts... ;)

Black Industries
- BI announce 40KRP launch products
"Earlier this year, BlackIndustries announced the launch of the eagerly anticipated Dark Heresy: The Warhammer 40,000 RPG (40KRP)! Now, we’re very excited to reveal the details of the first releases in this trilogy of 40KRP games. The first, being a game of investigation, is the ideal introduction to the dark and gothic 41st Millennium."
A familiar initial release slate with the core rules, GM's screen, character pack and an adventure anthology. Enough to pique existing interest to the level of active anticipation!

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gnome said...

WH40kRP, you'll be mine. Oh, soo mine!