Sunday, August 01, 2010

Q-workshop STRIKE!!!!

Journey to the unknown land of dice manufacturing
Remember that mention I gave back in June to Q-Workshop, the novelty dice company? I thought I was just honouring my side of a bargain made at UK Games Expo 2010, when I wangled a small discount on some dicecups in return for a promised mention here at RD/KA!. Little did I know then the ancient emnities- as long as beards and as sharp as ears, with which I had become involved for the sake of those two quid. What am I talking about? Watch this video and you'll see.

It seems then that the introduction of new design and manufacturing technology means that big changes are afoot at Q-Workshop, including:
  • New cheap classic RPG dice sets.
  • New premium 3D dice.
  • New deluxe metal dice.
  • New box packaging.
  • New lower prices for older dice sets.
"New" and "lower prices": phrases which are bound to delight dice geeks everywhere, especially those who are already fans of Q-Workshops' wide range. But is this really good news all round?

A sting in the tail?
Spare a thought, dear readers, for the elves, those nimble-fingered craftmasters brought low by ancient animosities; reduced to penury and with no choice but to put their noses to the grindstone in the forges- now under new ownership, of their ancestral enemies, the dwarves. If you really must be seduced by the new 'shiny shiny' on offer from Q-Workshop- and why not: after all, if dice are nice then nicer dice are dicier; if you really can't resist the lure of Q-Workshop's wares, then don't forget the elves. Contact Q-Workshop and insist that their promise that "No elves were fired" lives on into the future.

And should the day come that Q-Workshop's elves must resort again to the strike? Why not make a donation to their fighting fund for every product you buy from Q-Worshop? New technology is great to be sure but new machines are just the 'shiny shiny' of tools. The skills and craft of the wielder are decisive in the end. The best of these should command the best prices, just like everything else. So support the Q-Workshop elves because you want their dice. ;)


Anonymous said...

I can roll so badly that changing dice makes no difference at all.

gnome said...

Oh, and you have to know that the dice that come with the Zombies boardgames are absolutely dire. They roll only 1s. Ergh.

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Hey Aneliya! Always nice to hear from you here. :)

A 'cursed dice roller' then, eh? I wonder? I suppose it is theoretically possible that there are people who just happen to be stuck on appalling series of dice throws. The laws of probability would allow for this I guess. I just suspect that that'd still leave us with fewer cursed ones than tend to claim the mantle.

Nice dice mean that at least you can admire them while they send you screaming to hell! ;)

"A bit political on yer ass!" said...

Gnomes should just stay away from zombies altogether, eh? ;)

grumhelden said...

"if dice are nice then nicer dice are dicier"

Thats a bucket of win :)