Friday, October 14, 2005

Gamers and the internet? Yay!

A GM's work is never done, but it's getting easier
I've been hard at work preparing for Sunday's WFRP game, which regular readers will know is going to be a scenario of my own devising. I still don't quite know what possessed me to go for this, after all I've said about how much pregenerated material I have to hand with my collection of the new WFRP line.

So, I've been doing things like preparing lists of pregenerated random NPC names- to save time when I have to improvise an NPC on the spot (OK Andy?); working out other NPC's; giving thought to encounters for the PC's on their long journey back to the Strutting Cock in Stirland; checking out loose ends and other stuff from the sessions I ran in this vicinity way back in May/June; and so on and so on. I've also had to give some thought to river travel in the Old World, which is not well covered in the existing WFRP2 material.

Thank goodness then for the internet.

As soon as I knew I was going to be devising my own scenario, I went to the Black Industries (BI) forum and started 2 threads asking for help on specific issues arising from my plans. They're in 'The Games Master's section', so any of my players who're reading this: don't go there OK? I got some useful replies which helped me shape up the basic ideas for my upcoming adventure. My thanks to all concerned.

I also found a couple of threads about river barges. One of them led me to a page from which I was able to download and print out the floorplan for a river barge. Another turned out to be started by someone else whose PC's were taking the exact same journey as my own party are embarking on: namely from Delberz to Altdorf. So the answers to this thread were of great use to me. I printed that thread out.

More even than that, a couple of BI forum members emailed me via the forum to offer me background material from their own files, offers I was pleased to accept. So thanks very much to you both Didz and jackdays. Your generous help made me feel a little less overwhelmed when I was already feeling that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew.

And there we have it:- one of the good sides of gamers and the internet: GM's struggling to keep up with their own plotting ambitions are no longer lone individuals beavering away in a vacuum. We can now get immediate and specific help and advice from fellow GM's who've successfully faced down the same issues in their own games. And that's only scratching the surface really. As I said before: this ICT s**t just rocks!

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