Saturday, October 01, 2005

Got game

Well, Badger was round last night like I said.

We set to with some M44: 2 games, with random selection of scenario and sides each time. That meant me taking the Canadians into Juno Beach, then leading them into Operation Spring- part of the Falaise operations in late July. These gave me more tanks to play with, but Badger had the Tigers of the 9th and 10th SS Panzer divisions at his disposal in the 2nd game.

I don’t have the time for lengthy replays, but they both ended up fairly serious pastings for Badger, even if he was in with a shout till the last moment in both games.

At Juno, I cleared the right flank with little difficulty, then slowly and painstaking pulled everything over to swing round from the left. Seeing what I was up to, Badger launched some well-timed local counter attacks which kept me on my toes. A game that could easily have gone either way then, despite my feeling that I never really lost the upper hand.

In Operation Spring I ended up doing pretty much the same: clear the right then swing left. This game saw some really bloody tank battles on the left; a nicely timed airstrike that broke the back of a German reserve massing to attack my right; and Badger’s daring final assault that came within 2 missed dice of victory. As it was though he failed, and his brave lads were promptly surrounded by 8 (yes-8!… heh!) Canadian units the very next turn. I liked that bit.


Badger had had a hard day at work so by the time we’d finished 2 gruelling games of M44 (by M44’s easygoing standards naturally enough) he didn’t fancy UF. So we had a quick couple of games of this great cardgame.

I won the first with what I again remember as significant pwnage. The second was much closer, with Badger’s canny play leaving him victorious in the end. My main memory of this game is going for broke on a minimal hand because Badger looked to have even less cards than me. I was pipped at the post! Still…



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