Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who'd've thunk it?

Taking a look round the new posts on Matt Forbeck's homepage blog yesterday, I came across the topic 'Promoting Games', in which I found a link that led me here - Worldwide D&D Game Day.

Worldwide? WOW! This is just so far beyond what I imagine any of us geeking geezers could've expected when we tasted our own personal first thrill of roleplaying taking those very first steps as PC dungeonbashers.

Tony and I talked about this yesterday, and we've decided that we can't miss the chance of doing something that day. I don't expect that we'll be on the list of official events, but I'm sure we'll get together and get a taste of the d20 D&D incarnation. And I've got an excuse (as if I needed one!) to invest in my first d20 fantasy supplement. I wonder which one will suit my purposes? More on all of this later I hope. ;)

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