Saturday, October 22, 2005

Prague snapshots

One last dose of pictures from Prague then that's it, I promise! These ones are from the castle courtyard again, a sequence I took passing through the south gate on my way out of the castle courtyard.

This is from right inside the central courtyard: I saw the arch that was to be our exit, and I took the notion to do a series passing through the arch and into the area beyond. So this is how it started.

Here I am just heading under the archway, obviously enough. The gilded gate I put up the other day is just inside the arch, to the right IIRC.

So, here I am passsing under the arch into the yard beyond. The building out is already looking pretty cool, eh?

And here it is- the southern courtyard of the castle. I don't know what that building in the background is, but it's quite some sight don't you think? There is a truly awesome view of the centre of Prague from a vantage point just to the left of here, but my pictures unfortunately fell victim to the problems with my camera.

Anyhoo, that's the end of my series of Prague snapshots. I hope you liked them, and that some of my roleplaying readers might've found something to inspire them for their games. ;)

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