Sunday, October 09, 2005

Got game

Well, like I said earlier in the week: Friday night Tony came round with 'his' Very Dear- Di; and with 'my own' Very Dear- Ros, we had a boozy night round the gaming table, managing to get in 3 games of Settlers.

Ros and Di are both very good Settlers players. Ros specialises in sitting there quietly and buying lots of development cards. Di is just uber competitive and a devil of a negotiator. Tony and I were expecting to be put on our mettle, and so it turned out.

I can't write up detailed reports of the games for obvious reasons, but they were good fun. Neither Ros nor Di had played Settlers for a couple of years, so they were both a bit rusty. This didn't stop Ros winning the 1st game in her traditional fashion, and by what I remember being a convincing margin. This was helped by Ros having almost total control of the robber IIRC.

The next game was the closest of all, with all of us vying for victory in the endgame. Things got quite tense as debates opened up about the validity of my perpetual call for the 'pick on the person in front' tactic when dishing out the dirty with the robber- Di is just so competitive that the very notion of any kind of cooperation beyond that entailed by trading just wouldn't compute for her that night!

In the end, I managed to sneak in another close victory: barring a 7 Di would've won the very next turn. The pleasure of victory aside, this game was noteworthy for my long battle with Ros over the Longest Road, which I eventually secured.

The 3rd game went my way too. This game we decided to play without a balanced layout, restricting ourselves to ensuring a minimum of 2 of each region type on the table. Di went for an audacious setup which proved to be a disaster, leaving Ros, Tony and myself to fight it out. The night was getting on at this point, so I can remember less about this game than the others, but I do remember winning it with 2 builds- a settlement and a city- in my winning turn. A nice feeling.

Final score on the night then:
Me: 2
Ros: 1
Di/Tony: 0


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